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On the Laptop

GIS Analyst / Assistant Engineer

Location: Duncan, BC

Job Description

Generous Forest Services (Genfor) is a forest consulting company providing forest engineering and silviculture consulting services to coastal British Columbia. Genfor clients include private land‐owners, major licensees, First Nations and government agencies. We are currently looking for a GIS Analyst/Assistant Forest Engineer to join our team on southern Vancouver Island. 

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Our ideal candidate will be self‐motivated and works well independently and as part of a team in a changing environment.

• Post‐secondary education with a degree or technical diploma in forestry

• Experience in the following platforms: ArcGIS 10.X and extensions, Cengea & Land Resource Manager

• Experience with integrated GIS and GPS applications

• Minimum of 2 years of forest engineering, timber development or silviculture

• Registered (or eligible) with the Association of BC Forest Professionals

• Physically fit, well organized with strong and effective written and oral communication skills Additional Skills:

• Knowledge in network administration and troubleshooting

• Drone programming and flight navigation with Transport Canada Basic Pilot License

• Background in silviculture surveying, supplying recommendations and data entry in RESULTS

• A valid BC driver’s license

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